Il Fiore


Rudelyn “Bhem” Meijer is the
visionary founder and creative
director behind IL FIORE FLOWER
BOUTIQUE, renowned for her
expertise in free-style flower
arrangements and commitment
to sustainable floristry and event
styling. With a passion for
creativity and a deep reverence for
nature’s beauty, Bhem has
dedicated her career to
transforming spaces and creating
unforgettable moments through
the art of floral design.

With over a decade of experience in
the industry, Bhem established IL
years ago, setting up shop near the
picturesque city of Tagaytay, known as
the wedding capital of the Philippines.
Inspired by the scenic surroundings
and the abundance of natural beauty,
Bhem saw an opportunity to carve out
her niche in the events industry,
offering a unique blend of floral artistry
and sustainable practices.

In addition to her artistic prowess,
Bhem is a staunch advocate for
sustainability in floristry and event
styling. She believes in using ethically
sourced flowers, minimizing waste,
and incorporating eco-friendly
practices into her business operations.
From using locally grown blooms to
repurposing materials for decor, Bhem
is committed to reducing her
environmental footprint while creating
breathtaking events that leave a
positive impact on both her clients and
the planet.

Throughout her career, Bhem has
become known for her distinctive
approach to flower arrangements,
characterized by an organic, freeflowing style that celebrates the
inherent beauty of each bloom. Her
designs are not just about aesthetics
but also about storytelling, with each
arrangement reflecting the personality
and vision of her clients.

As the driving force behind IL FIORE
FLOWER BOUTIQUE, Bhem brings a
unique blend of creativity, expertise,
and passion to every project she
undertakes. Her dedication to
excellence, coupled with her
unwavering commitment to
sustainability, has earned her a
reputation as a trailblazer in the
industry. With Bhem at the helm, IL
to thrive as a beacon of innovation and
inspiration, bringing dreams to life and
spreading beauty one bloom at a time.

We design what YOU have in mind...

We create YOUR vision.